We're turning the BBQ into a Steakhouse on Friday nights!

Before opening the restaurant, Jeff would BBQ steaks on Friday after work for him & Jenn. He has decided to bring their fun Friday steak night tradition to Jeffro's & share his grilling skills with you. What a better way to end the work week and start the weekend!

​Each steak will come with your choice of side & be served rare, medium rare or medium. Jeff doesn't believe in cooking a steak 'well done', it loses it's juices and flavour. Steaks are eat in only.

​Our regular menu will still be available, reservations can be made by calling 289-296-4473 or online. 

You think Jeff makes the best burgers in the city, wait until you try his steak!!

Friday steak night!

Next Steak night​ 

​​​​ Friday, April 20th

14 oz Rib Eye $28​

​with fries