Heat Pump Sauce Co.

Jeffro started making hot sauces for Heat Pump Sauce Co. with good friend & bandmate Jeff Muir. They are two serious heat connoisseurs who have created complexed hot sauces that pair with all of your favourite foods! Sauces are made with local, organically grown peppers & manufactured in Jeffro's kitchen. Give them a follow on Facebook & Instagram!  

Homemade Sauces

Here at Jeffro's, we make all of our own BBQ & Hot Sauces! You can purchase a jar of our homemade BBQ Sauce or Carolina Mustard for $8. We have Heat Pump Sauce Co.'s limited edition small batch hot sauces for $10 a bottle! We currently have Pineapple Funk, Devils Peach, Nuclear Bhut, Blunderbluss & Green Gringo. Pick these sauces up at the restaurant!

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